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About Us

White Rock Bookbinding and Restoration specialize in high quality hand restoration and conservation bookbinding. British born Lawrence Traynor has been a professional in the field since 1956. We have a small workshop near the White Rock Beach.

White Rock Bookbinding and Restoration Company are committed to the standards of the traditional art of bookbinding practice. We are able to offer a wide range of services including restoration of books as well as preservation and presentation of valuable papers, important documents and rare maps. We also specialize in fine and custom designed bindings.

Our commitment to the traditional methods and standards of the art of bookbinding along with meticulous craftsmanship has secured our work a respectful reputation among astute collectors, booksellers and institutions across Canada.

Only the finest materials and techniques are used to ensure that repairs are long lasting, reversible (so the book can be repaired again in the future), and non-damaging (many quick repair techniques actually damage the books they are meant to help).

As much as the original book is retained and preserved as possible. Each book I receive is handled and treated with the utmost care during the process.  

Based near to Vancouver BC, we are happy to provide our book restoration services to customers in the Greater Vancouver area and the rest of North America


 Fine bookbinding , restoration and repair. We work with all materials including Cloth, Paper, Silk, Leather and Velum. Following the standards of five hundred years of traditional craft bookbinding.

Our Specialty Services include: 

Spring back stationary ledgers
Guest registers
Special editions
Author’s copies
Television, movie and stage scripts
Library and backdrop images
Desktop leather inlays 

Our Regular Services include:

Book Restoration
Bible Restoration
Music Book Repair
Hymn Book Repair
Photo Albums
Thesis Binding
Custom Albums


Lawrence Traynor

  Successfully completed Master Printer’s Association entrance examination. Subsequently, Lawrence was offered a 6 year apprenticeship with Charles Twining Co. Of Liverpool, England.

1962  Successfully completed the Liverpool College of Printers courses in both design and traditional craft techniques.

1964  Upon emigrating to Canada, Lawrence took a position with the Law Bookbinding Co. Of Toronto where he widened his experience in the specialty area of Library Style restoration and preservation. 

1968  Accepted an offer from The Evergreen Press in Vancouver until their closure in 1976. 

1976  Lawrence was employed by the Vancouver Public Library specializing in the repair and restoration and special collections until his re-location to the community of White Rock in 1995 where he has resided and practiced his craft until the present.           

Prices and Policies

Sales Policies

When contacting us for an estimate of cost, please submit a digital image along with a brief description of the general condition and size of the volume. If you live locally, please call and we can arrange a mutually convenient time that you could come by my workshop. Written or verbal estimates given free of charge.

When we receive a book in need of our services, we first let the customer know the book has arrived safely. Within a few days we examine the volume carefully, preparing the treatment options available. Upon your approval, we know how to proceed with the restoration of your book. 

Customers may generally expect completed work in a few weeks on smaller jobs, with items requiring more extensive treatment taking up to several months. 

We serve our local customers at my workshop as well as using the Canadian and U.S. mail as well as other shippers.


This list provides a general guideline to restoration pricing. Once we see a book we are able to establish the exact cost for the job.

Restoration of Cloth Bindings (having cloth spines or in full cloth)...$125 plus 

Restoration of Leather bindings (having leather spines or in full leather)...$225 plus 

Family Bible Restoration  Large family bibles 12"x9" size on up includes recondition fabric, text block and original boards ... Prices provided after appraisal. Family history memoranda pages may be added and sewn in for a small added cost.

Complete new binding in leather any style ... $700 plus 


Hi Mr. Traynor,

I want to thank you for the wonderful job that you did on my Family Bible. I didn't know when I first found you if you would be able to repair it. Once I got the finished product I was thrilled. To be able to hold and look through this family heirloom means a lot. You described in detail what you would do to repair it and you also were very upfront over pricing and detail. You kept your word on the pricing and the length of time needed to do the job. You were very professional and I couldn't have found a better person to fix my Family Bible. If I ever hear of anyone needing books repaired I will highly recommend you.

Sincerely, Bianca Ralston

Hello Lawrence,

I received the most wonderful surprise when I came home from work the other day, a beautifully restored dictionary!! Many many thanks indeed for maintaining the integrity of the dictionary but putting it into a useable condition.  I think my Dad would smile if he knew that it is now still able to be used. I think the idea of what you have done is appropriate for the condition in which the dictionary was sent to you.  If it had

Been somewhat better it would have been good to keep the original cover etc., but obviously in light of what had to be
Done this was not possible.
I will mail off a cheque to you today. And thank YOU again for the fine workmanship, VERY much appreciated.

Kind regards, Pam Hagen


Dear Sir,

May I thank you for your very prompt and wonderful restoration to two very valued family heirlooms.
Your work is simply excellent.

Yours Truly, Glenford Emerson Greene, Barrister & Solicitor


Hi Lawrence!

The book arrived last night.  Thank you so much!  It's beautiful!!!  You're an artist.

Cheers, Erin


" Brilliant work, many thanks." - Jim Farrell


"Thanks for your magical work on the Shelley book." - Len Roberts


"How beautiful your work looks. It will last a long time, I am immensely pleased." - Kathy Fawkes


"Thanks again for doing such a great job, it is so beautiful.  I think the grand kids want to inherit it now." - Shirley Laurie


"Thank you.  Your craftsmanship is superb."  Kevin Yeates


"May I thank you for your very prompt and wonderful restoration to two very valued family heirlooms." - Glenford Emerson Greene, Barrister and Solicitor